6 teen weeks and counting

{January 23, 2012}   *Sigh*

This has been me.  And it wasn’t just cake.  It was popcorn, chinese food, soda, pizza, you name it and I probably ate it.  Why?!?!?  I’ve been trying to balance it with trips to the gym but it still didn’t make me feel all that great about all that crap I had been putting into my body.

School has started for me again, and with that, an actual schedule.  I’m hoping that being in class and studying along with participating in TWO choirs, karate, and church that I won’t have a lot of time to, a.) think about all the crap I could be eating and, b.) have access to the crap I’ve been craving.  I’ve also scheduled in time for my classes at the gym and stocked up with healthy snacks and meals for on the go.  Here’s to hoping I stay on track this time!

WHOOPS!  Just binged on your junk food of choice?  Here’s some tips I found to ease the “pain” of bad choice:

-Drink lots of water since water flushes out the toxins and will help eliminate water weight.

-Eat fruits and veggies because your body will be nutrient deprived.  Plus fruits and veggies are light on the calories.

-Work-out since your metabolism is proven to be boosted for several hours after you exercise.

-MOVE-ON:  You can’t change what happened but you can move forward with better decisions.


J.R. Lemison says:

So I have kept telling you I was going to send you a post for it and I guess I should keep my work on that as it has been over a month now. SOrry been busy busy busy ….but not nearly as busy as you baby.

Soooooo with the begining of this year came yet another struggle with getting my yet older and softer self to the gym to get back into shape. This year a new angle actually eating a bit better to go along with it. I have started with just a regular circut workout. 15 min on the treadmill and 15 on the elypticall and then about a half hour on the free weights hitting all areas and always ending the night with a set on the abbs. Has been going good so far and especially with the late hour shift I have to work. I have been eating alot better still have my little bit of pizza about once a week with the kids but I will never be able to give it all up like some can. Why work hard it I can’t enjoy the things I like once and a while too. While I don’t do Too many vegies at all I just don’t like most of them due to either texture or simple taste Yes I am the picky eater. But I do like alot of fruit and make and attempt to work them into my diet alot more. I like my chicken and rice and have recently aquired a rice cooker. My breakfast is a small bowl of shreaded wheat every day or and egg with a piece of wheat toast. Then I take some Jacked 3D prework out mix and some testosteone boosters before the gym… do my work out head to work and have some noodles for lunch. Dinner is usually around 3 am and consists of small bowl chicken and rice with a fruit and jello cup and a greek yogurt. I also pack either oranges or banannas for small snacks through the night. Head home and hit the bed by 9 am if I am lucky. I drink as much water as I can at all times. The biggest adjustment I have been getting used to is portion size as I used to eat big I am getting used to the smaller portions quite fast and the time in the gym is already giving me the extra energy and I will be moving to higher weights next week.I feel the energy building now I am looking for the waist size to start shirnking. Keep you updated on the progress and how it goes I am sticking this out. I have a graduation I wanna look great for in may with a special girl I wanna impress and a date in summer 2013 that I wanna be my best for. Most of all I want to live a good healthy life without having to dig out from under over and over again. Fighting Weight here I come. Fighting in tournament again in 30’s here I come!

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