6 teen weeks and counting

{January 1, 2012}   I’ve been RAK’ed!

So my final RAK for the Christmas season was delivering home-baked  cookies to a few people who were working Christmas eve.

The goods

One box went to the lady that was working the front desk at the Queen of the Valley’s ER department and the other went to our neighborhood 7-11 clerk.

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a RAK done every day until Christmas.  I kind of felt like I had failed and it made me a little sad.  But I am glad that I got to do a majority of the days until Christmas and bring lots of smiles to some unsuspecting people.  My RAK’s this year taught me a few lessons.  First, that the point of the season is more about giving than receiving and when you give outside of the box, it really brings back those childhood feelings about the season.  Second, when I do a project like this, I should set more realistic goals for myself.  Trying to perform a RAK everyday starting the 1st of December and knowing that I was in the midst of finals, as well as my full-time duty as a single mommy, made this project a little stressful at times.  And having a kindness project be stressful made it hard at times to appreciate the good feelings in doing the RAK’s.  I think next year I may just do a RAK once a week or hit a list of a set number, such as performing five RAK’s before Christmas day.

However, the times that I was unable to hit someone with a RAK, I found myself the recipient of some RAK’s.  Here are a few of the things that happened to me this christmas season:

-My dear friend, Barbara Thompson, tutored me in math for my final.  Free of charge!  And she really helped me to understand some problems that I had been really struggling with.

-One of my besties, Elizabeth Dreyer, watched AJ for me when I had to go to fill in as an instructor at Karate at the last-minute.  And it was also, free of charge!  (I was super broke at this point)

-All those who came out to help Kayla, Elizabeth, and me in our caroling RAK at the senior facilities.

There were many more that I cannot recall at the moment due to my horrible lack of memory, the loud movie on in the background right now, and the boys wrestling with each other currently.  But nothing went unappreciated and I feel truly blessed to have ALL the people I have in my life right now.  I have been RAK’ed!


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