6 teen weeks and counting

{December 21, 2011}   Those Who Sing Together

First off, let me apologize for neglecting my blog for the past week.  I guess I am enjoying my freedom from deadlines since finishing my finals last week.  Second, I have failed in my original goal for my RAK (Random Acts of kindness) project.  I will share the details of this breaking story in my next post.  However, the good news is, I have dusted my self off and am continuing with my RAK’s despite not completely fulfilling the ideas I had for this special Christmas project.

I would like to share with you my last RAK that I did, along with a wonderful group of amazing singers and friends.  This past Sunday (the 18th of December) a bunch of us went caroling at two local care facilities in Napa.  This idea was the brainchild of my good friend Kayla Newport, who I met through my voice class at the college this last semester.  I got the ball rolling to get her idea in action and my talented friend, Elizabeth Dreyer, fine tuned all the details to make it possible.  I have to say, Elizabeth did this despite my few “blonde moments” that made some things a bit confusing, such as posting the wrong address to one of the care facilities and forgetting to post times to rehearsals.  Whoops.

We sounded AMAZING if I must say so myself and it was because of the awesome talents of each and everyone who participated that day.  I really wish I would’ve got some video of it to share but alas, I had forgotten the camera at home. Sigh.

I was so excited to see Laura Lewis show up with her violin!

From right to left: Elizabeth, Jon, Kayla, and Dorothy

There's my dad (my mom is here somewhere but ended up chasing my kids around)

Residents at the first care facility, looking down at the carolers

Kayla and her boyfriend, Jon

Do we get extra-credit, Dr. Wilkes? The NVC voice class three representing: Me, Elisabeth, and Kayla

I’m hoping to make this a yearly tradition and hope to get even more people to participate next Christmas season.  It truly melted my heart to bring the joy of music to those that quite possibly needed it the most: those in need of healing and peace.


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