6 teen weeks and counting

{December 13, 2011}   Toys for Tots

Yesterday we donated to toys for tots.  It was a lot of fun to pick out a cute girl toy to donate and even more fun to explain to Mason that it was going to go to a little girl that doesn’t have much.  It was kind of a hard concept for Mason to grasp, especially when he had it in his mind that he was going to ACTUALLY see the little girl, but he understood the basic idea of what we were doing.

Donating a toy for a little girl

Anyway, today’s RAK was just simply grabbing an item needed at Mason’s preschool.  Due to budget cuts, they are in a little more need of the parents donating items they need around the classroom.  I would like to say that I bought the rope lights they had on their list, but in reality, my mom bought it.  We were at Costco and I saw them and told her I’d pay her back but so far I haven’t gotten the chance to pay her back so, for right now, it was really my mom that made it happen.  I love her.


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