6 teen weeks and counting

{December 6, 2011}   Two for One Tuesday

I unfortunately never got around to posting my RAK (Random Act of Kindness) for Monday.  I’ve been running kind of ragged so I had to come up with something fast and uneasy.  I realized that I was out of coffee in the morning so I got my boys and I dressed super fast so I could hit Starbucks on the way to class.  So I decided to pay the tab for the car behind me in the drive-though line.  I paid the barista and handed her a card to give the lady behind me in place of the bill (so to speak).

The card a fellow Starbuck-goer received in place of paying for her goodies

I almost thought today would be a RAK fail.  I’ve been stressing over finals and house work as well as semi-sick kids.  I had a few minutes to stop by Wal-mart to get Mason and AJ’s promised Hot Wheels cars (as told to them from their homemade advent calendar) and decided we could knock out a RAK with a piggy bank and a red tin can.

Donating piggy bank contents

Looking official in the vest

Mason with the Salvation Army bell-ringer

I should point out that we donated the contents of AJ’s piggy bank who wasn’t there to object to it!  But I dare to say, at three years old, he would’ve happily donated his coins for a chance to wear the vest, ring the bell, and drop some coins in a slot.  Also, I’m setting aside money for their therapy later in life due to my parenting, ha!


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