6 teen weeks and counting

{December 3, 2011}   Whew!

Today’s RAK was a little hurried and inconvenient.  I told the boys we were going to get our Christmas tree today and realized at 5pm this evening that I hadn’t gotten the tree stand yet (this is our first real tree this year).  I was hoping that I could knock out a RAK while at Target.  My plan was to buy the Salvation Army’s bell-ringer a hot chocolate.  And since Starbucks is in Target, it should be super easy to get my RAK done today.  Wrong!  There was no bell-ringer at Target.  I went out on a limb and assumed that since it was the Bel-aire shopping center, the bell ringer must be at one of the stores around that area.  I purchased the hot chocolate, along with hot chocolates for me and one of the boys, and headed out on our mission to find a bell-ringer.  Turns out, there are no bell ringers in the Bel-aire shopping center!  My second try was a Lucky grocery store around the corner and that turned out to be a better choice.

Our RAK hot chocolate

Shortly after this picture was taken, I knocked my own hot chocolate over and now have a giant chocolate stain on my driver’s seat.  Geez, my night was going so smoothly.  Not!

Mason, bearer of the hot chocolate

The man we gave the hot chocolate was so thrilled with our delivery, it really made my night.  He let AJ and Mason ring the bell for a little bit.

AJ: Future bell-ringer?


After getting the boys back to the car, I heard the man talking to someone as I buckled Mason into his car seat:  “Someone just gave me a coffee.  I’m not going to argue with free coffee!”  Although he hadn’t obviously taken his first sip yet (I hope he was still happy with it after he realized it was hot chocolate) it made my frustrating adventure totally worth it to brighten someone’s night. Especially someone who was out in the evening on a saturday, trying to do good for others.  You can’t argue with that!


Michelle says:

I love the idea of the RAK, and bringing a hot chocolate to a bell ringer was an awesome idea, i’m sure if it was me standing out in the cold all day that would have made my day for sure. Keep up the good RAKing work. Oh and your boys are adorable!

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