6 teen weeks and counting

{December 2, 2011}   Day 2 of RAK

Today the boys and I hit the kiddie vending machines.  You know, the ones that have the tiny toys and handfuls of candy.  We taped quarters to our cards and then taped them to the machines.

AJ is eyeing the candy machines

I revamped my cards to explain a little more detail as to way these cards with little goodies were being taped to atm’s and candy machines.  This time they included “We are celebrating the holidays with a RAK countdown”.

New RAK'ed card on vending machine

We did some shopping after taping our cards to the vending machines and when we left, the cards were still there.  Either they didn’t notice the card or didn’t realize that the card contained quarters.  One Father with his son was digging for quarters when we walked up to the machines to tape our cards, so I just handed him our card with the quarters.  He and his son were both very gracious and it melted my heart to see his son excitedly pick out his goodies from the machines.  Has anyone else done a RAK or RACK yet?  Please share it with me if you have!

Mason and AJ donated their quarters for this RAK.


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