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{December 1, 2011}   You’ve been RAK’ed

What is RAK’ed you asked?  It means you’ve been hit by a Random Act of Kindness.  I decided the best way to truly get in the holiday spirit was to brighten another person’s day or give back to my community.  So, everyday until Christmas eve, I will be performing my RAK’s all over the Napa Valley.  Originally, I thought I had come up with the idea of doing an act of kindness everyday until Xmas on my own.  I had skimmed through some blogs that had pictures up of their random acts of kindness and thought that I had gotten creative with the idea.  But I recently was browsing through more blogs for free printables when I came across this blog about my exact idea.  And then I realized it was one of the blogs I had come across the other day.  I must have subconsciously stored the idea when I had quickly browsed through her pictures of her random acts of kindness.

Anyway, today I just did something easy for my first day, mainly because I have been overwhelmed with school and life.  Getting all creative is just out of the question for the next couple of days.

You've been RAK'ed, Happy Holidays

I printed out the free printable from the orignal blog had provided (here) and went with one of her ideas, which was taping candy canes to atm machines.  I hit four different atm machines at three different locations in Napa with the help of a friend.

Chase atm on Imola

I decided to go with the acronym RAK instead of RACK as the original blogger did because her term included Christmas (Random Act of Christmas Kindness) and I really didn’t want to assume that everyone who found my cards celebrated Christmas.  The whole point was to spread kindness and cheer, I didn’t want to have someone feel uncomfortable or offend if they didn’t celebrate the season the way I did.

Overall, it was so fun to RAK Napa’s atm’s but I was worried someone might freak when seeing my friend and I tape something on to an atm, take a picture, and quickly leave.  I didn’t want someone thinking we were up to something illegal, hahaha!  A part of me kind of wished I could see the reaction when the next person came along and found this card, but the other part of me love the thrill of the unknown and left my imagination to go wild.

I encourage you to check out the original blog and venture out to perform your own RAK or RACK.  You don’t have to do a whole bunch, just one would be fun to do.  Who knows, maybe the person you performed your random act of kindness on really needed it.  If you do go out and RAK someone, please share it with me, I’d love to hear about it!


Inspiring! I also love your inclusive RAK 🙂

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