6 teen weeks and counting

{November 21, 2011}   Little Guy, Big Heart

Two weeks ago, while waiting in the drive through line at McDonald’s, Mason asked me a question.  “Momma, can we go to that store and look at the Halloween costumes?” he said, pointing to Party Time.  “No, Mason because Halloween is over and all the costumes are put away” I replied.  “Is it going to be Thanksgiving?” he asked.  “Yes it is” I again relied.  “Can we get books for other kids for thanksgiving, Momma?”  I was taken by surprise.  “Do you want to go to the bookstore and get books and give them to other kids that don’t have much?”   I asked as I started to tear up.  “Uh-huh” he answered.  A few days later I called the COPE center here in Napa and asked if they could point me in the right direction as to where I could donate new books for less fortunate children.  They told me that we could donate the books to them and they would make sure they got to the children of the families they worked with.  A few days after that with $10 donated from a lady at church, my wallet and myself, my mom and HER wallet, and the boys in tow, we went to Copperfields bookstore here in Napa and picked out a good stack of books in both English and Spanish.  Of course, the boys got to pick out one book for themselves.

Mason and AJ are ready to donate their books

Bag full of books ready to go to COPE

This afternoon, we made it to COPE and dropped off the books to a very friendly receptionist there.  The boys had fun and something tells me that Mason will be getting a note in the mail from them (since they wanted me to give me our address so they could send him a thank you note).  I think everyone should try to find some way to help out those in need this holiday season.  You don’t need to have much money, you could always donate your time or those items that have been collecting dust in your home and aren’t being used.  I believe the holidays should be used as a time to reflect on what truly matters.  It’s not material things but having compassion and love for others.  What are ways you can help and put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season?

Happy boys after handing over the books


wp19 says:

that was amazing. im curious on how your son came up with such a brilliant idea. yea these season is when we buy so much and consume so much food all in which includes money. these are critical times to donate and aide those who cant enjoy these holidays as much as we can.

Jessica says:

Wow! Your son did such a wonderful deed,giving the gift of reading and knowledge 🙂 it’s great to see that he wants to give to others that will truly appreciate the gifts! They were both happy donating the books because they knew they would make someone’s holiday so much better.

Angelovichd24 says:

That is so cute. How old are your sons? they seem to be very smart. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to the ones they helped with the books.

I really have no idea where Mason came up with the idea, it was totally out of the blue and totally unprompted! Angelovicd24, Mason is 4 yrs old and AJ is 3 yrs old 🙂

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

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