6 teen weeks and counting

{October 18, 2011}   Best. Day. Ever.

This past Saturday I got the opportunity to go skydiving with my boyfriend’s sister.  The experience was amazing.  On my list of top experiences in my life; first comes having children, and then comes skydiving.  As with holding your own child in your arms for the first time in nine months of anticipation, skydiving also does not have the words to describe it.  The feeling you get when free-falling from 13,000 ft to floating down to earth attached to a parachute are indescribable.  Anyone who has ever thought of going sky diving, even in the slightest, simply MUST get out there and experience it!


Nice experience!! I wish I can do that too. =[ I am super scare of height, but I still want to try!! Where did you go for skydive? How much do they cost? I really want to try!!!! =D

Michelle says:

I had the opportunity to skydive not to long ago, and I had to decline solely because of fear. After seeing all of their pictures and yours it truly seems like an amazing experience, and maybe one day I will just have to suck it up and face my fear. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

This was in Lodi and it was $100 for the jump but mine came out to $150 because I bought photos and video. I really recommend that you go, it’s such an awesome experience!

Having already talked to you about this experiance you had toally makes me want to go out and do it well see if I have the courage though. The pictures are great and got me a bit excited myself.

Roberto Sandoval says:

I loved it. if i’m right, i went skydiving in lodi ca right? my girlfriend and i had that as one our anniversary activities and it was well worth it. although she was scared she followed through with it. I’d say more people should try it. its an outrages adrenaline rush. it was awesome!!!

That’s so lucky of you to actually go skydiving! I am really scared of heights… So I don’t think I’ll be doing this anytime soon, but this really makes me want to go sometime in the future! It actually looks like it’s more fun than life-risking.

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