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{September 19, 2011}   I heart my church

I really love my church.  Ok, before you leave my blog because you think I’m going to preach about God or morals or anything of that sort, just hear me out.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I believe in God or going to heaven after I die.  I love my church for different reasons than just religion.

Mason played a sheep in our pageant last year

I love the community in my church.  It does help that I have literally grown up at First United Methodist Church here in Napa.  But more than that, I love the people who I meet there.  Everyone is kind, caring, and willing to help those in need.  There is a variety of groups in my church that seek out to help certain areas in the community of Napa and beyond.  But personally, the people at my church make me feel loved and supported in my journey of single-parenthood.  I feel that I can reach out to these people when I am in need of help or just advise.

Surprise visit from Santa at last year's Candy Cane Sing-a-long

Being a single parent and going to church without feeling like I’m being judge is important to me.  What I love most about my church is that when they say they accept everyone no matter where they are on their faith journey, they mean it.  This past sunday we had a service to celebrate recovery.  We made aware of those that are struggling with addiction (and let’s admit it, all of us struggle with some sort of addiction) and celebrated the victory of those who had overcome their addictions and prayed for those who still needed to “come out into the light”.  We learned about the 12 steps.  We sang and we cried.  It was awesome and healing all at the same time.

Care packages for the troops

The other reason I love our church is because we are a reconciling congregation.  This means our church welcomes anyone no matter what their sexual orientation is or gender identity.  I just love being part of a church that really, truly accepts all people.

Friday morning bike group (the one time I went, hehehe)

Before I end, I just want to add that I am in no way suggesting that my church is better or even that I’m trying to push my church on to anyone.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for a church that fits all MY beliefs.

All in all, I believe that if we all learned to accept one another and choose to let compassion into our hearts instead of jealousy, greed, or power, the world would be a better place.  Or at least a good start toward a better place.  “Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human.”
Albert Ellis 


lizsports says:

Well i’m glad that your happy with your church. I’m not religious, but i respect everyone that goes to church and spends a lot of time with the people that they feel comfortable with. I know that most people like to go to church because they feel relieved.

Lizzy says:

I find it kind of sad that you have to start off by telling people to stay only because you mentioned God. Its interesting how some people can act a certain way and everyone believes that all people who go to church are the same. But I enjoyed reading about your church. From experience, I know that not all churches can make one feel as welcome as others and I am glad to hear that you have found your community that makes you happy. 🙂

I started off that way because the whole point of my post was to say why I love my church OTHER than God or religion. I wanted to hold the attention of those that might have read the word church and would stop reading because they would think the rest of the post was just about that one topic. I do apologize if it came across as though I believe that other churches are judgmental or opposite to the things I love about my church. I don’t. I was just pointing out the reasons I’m proud of my church as I’m sure others are proud of their churches for the same things. HOWEVER, I do believe that the methodist church is one of the more unique churches in that they are accepting of those in same gender relationships or gender identity. Not to say that there aren’t other churches that are also accepting of these qualities but I do say that these churches (including mine) are the exception and not the rule. I do believe that other churches either view it as a sin or completely ignore the issue. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post 🙂

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